Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to The Customer Catalyst Conference! :wave::wave::wave:

We’re so excited to have you here!

Let’s kick off some pre-event networking with a few icebreaker questions:

  1. Name, Title and Company
  2. Where are you joining us from?
  3. What are you looking forward to most at this conference?

Hi everyone, I’m Dan Cote, Chief Marketing Officer at Influitive – the platinum sponsor of this fabulous event. I’m joining from greater Boston. I’m looking forward to hearing from the many thought leaders about how their companies are succeeding by obsessing over their customers – and what the common metrics are to guide them.


Hi there! I’m Kaelie. I’m the Community Engagement & Advocacy Specialist from Jamf who oversees our customer advocacy group, Jamf Heroes. I’ll be joining from the Twin Cities. I’m most looking forward to learning how to continue supporting our customer growth and advocacy programs when everyone is isolated and craving connection.


Hello! I’m Sue Reukauf and I am the Senior Manager of Installed Base Marketing and Customer Advocacy at Renaissance.

I will be joining you from Wisconsin - Go Badgers!

I am looking forward to learning from other customer-centric professionals to find ways to expand the VOC at Renaissance for 2021.


Hi All
Henrik Bustrup from RICS as Director for Digital Engagement and Experience. I will be joining the conference - admittedly off and on tomorrow - from Kent (Garden of England) in the UK.

I will be looking for new and inspirational ways for working with our many different stakeholders.

Looking forward to a great session tomorrow.


HI Everyone, I’m Brendan O’Connor and i am the CEO of Appruvo. is a website that makes it super simple to collect references and testimonials from happy customers and display them on your website. We believe that your customers are your best sales people. Great service opens the door to more business. I am interested to learn how great companies deliver great service to their customers.


Hello everyone, I’m Sarah Myers, the Sr. Manager of Customer Advocacy for AuditBoard.

I’ll be joining the conference (as much as I can) from Indiana, where the weather is turning November chilly!

I’m hoping to learn from others to implement new and enhanced ways to engage with our advocates and share more VoC in 2021.

Hi Everyone, I’m Gemma Brown, Senior Advocacy & Influencer Marketing Manager at Anaplan. I’ll be joining the conference when possible from Reading, UK. Looking forward to hearing how others are addressing similar challenges! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I’m Andrea Easton, Customer Success Manager at Martello Technologies. I’m joining from Ontario, Canada and looking forward to joining some sessions when I can and learning from others in the industry.

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Hello everyone! I am Liane Cafarate, Customer Success Manager at Odoo. I am located in South San Francisco, CA. I am very excited to join some sessions and learn from you! :smiley:

Hello everyone. Liz Richardson here with Captivate Collective - a customer engagement and advocacy agency. I’m in Birmingham, AL (I’ve worked remotely for the last 9 years, so I was well suited for the change brought by the pandemic). I’m really looking forward to the session on co-creation with Signifyd, as this is a topic I’m a big fan of. I’m also interested in seeing the framework of C-Change applied across all 10 elements and seeing real life examples of each.

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Hey Kaelie, Great to see you in the Community, and thank you for the LinkedIn connection, too. I love the ‘Jamf Heroes’ name!

Hello everyone!

Derick, Devolutions’ Digital Marketing Specialist, joining you from L’Epiphanie, Qc, Canada

Excited to be here and learning more about customer focused companies :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I am Richard Masterson, from Adobe - part of the Experience Cloud business in North EMEA. I am joining from my home in Henley-on-Thames near London, UK.


Hi, I’m Lauren Irvin, Customer Advocacy Manager at Verint. I’m joining from Cumming, GA - a northern suburb of Atlanta. I’m looking forward to learning from other customer obsessed professionals and hearing how they are keeping their customers engaged during these difficult times.


Hi. I’m Jessica Mitchell and I’m a Customer Advocacy Program Manager at Wiley. I’m joining from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m looking forward to learning from other advocate marketing professionals so that I can apply what I learn to the programs that I run at Wiley.


Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie and I am a Customer Success Onboarding Manager at a fintech company called Riskalyze. I’m currently working remotely just outside Atlanta, GA. I am most excited about hearing some great presentations centered around the customer experience plus the opportunity to meet more folks in customer-centric roles!


Hi! My name is James Grieve. I am Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. My consulting practice, Catalyst Strategies Consulting, specializes in working with business owners to remove their blind spots by streamlining their business operations, de-risking their businesses, and improve their customer and employee experiences so that they can make better business decisions and improve their productivity and profitability.

I look forward to meeting and collaborating with everyone at the conference. Please add me to your LinkedIn community:, so that we can connect to share ideas, insights, and information.


Hi James - Welcome, and I love the community commitments on your web site, very cool. No doubt you’ll be on Tony Ryan’s session, and I’d love to know what you think